Nicoletta Perugino (Marketing)    


I love spending time with family and eating good food, but I also love to sing karaoke during the Holidays! Of course, we’re not good singers, but it’s really fun. I also enjoy decorating the Christmas tree with my mom. 






Megan Smith (Global Development) 




The food! Especially mulled wine, which is a kind of wine with spices like orange and cinnamon, and it’s really good! 





Johanna Hauzinger (Secondary Education) 




The pretty lights on the streets and the Christmas cookies! 






Signe Lefdal Hove (Sociology) 




To be honest, I just go home and do nothing, but I guess it’s nice to be able to see my friends and family from back home. 





Rufo Garcia (Teacher Education) 




What I love about the Holidays is opening gifts that my family bought for me that I specifically asked for and acting surprised. 





Julia Wenz (Teacher Education) 





My favorite thing about the Holidays is skiing! It’s the only time I’m free to do it. 




Petra Mitenberga (English Bachelor) 




The Holidays are an excuse to stay home with a hot cup of cocoa and watch Love Actually while it’s snowing outside. 





Aleksandra Nowak (Music business and management) 




When I think about the Christmas holidays, I think about the spirit! The lighting and decorations are so nice, and you can really feel the spirit. Also being with friends and family, of course! 





Jacqueline Tauninger (Teacher trainee secundary school – 

English & Philosophy and Psychology) 




Sharing and eating food with family! 






Pernille Tønder (Political science) 




I like giving and receiving gifts. Also the food, of course, but my favorite thing are the stockings because my mom always fills them up with candy! 


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