With the new studenthouse right around the corner, it means that the area where Østsia currently is will be vacant. We don’t know yet what UiA will use them for, but we took to the university halls and asked around what students want it to become in the future! 


June Langlo 




Bachelor in Sociology  

“I want a more lowkey hangout spot/reading place with milder lighting.” 


Silje Gullhav 



Bachelor in Music  

“That’s a though one, on one hand, as a student of music I kinda want it to be a rehearsal area or a place where we can play concerts, on the other hand it would be nice with a student kitchen!” 


Mari Birkeland Tveit 


Master in Biology  

“Hm, maybe keep it a place where one can be social and have like an arcade or something like that or turn it into a room students can book for their own leisure.” 


Johanna Elisabeth Gudmestad 


Lecturer Student  

“The boring answer is more spots for reading with a coffee. But I think it could be fun with an area dedicated to student unions, or an area to unwind, talk to other students and play some table tennis.” 


Nikola Plavšić 


Bachelor in Global Development Studies 

“I guess an open space for enthusiastic students to gather, like for a debate club for example.” 



Viktor Lyngmo 

Bachelor in Marketing and Management 

“A relaxed place where one can have a beer, read a book, play board games, play pool and so on. A place for us students to unwind.” 




Carl William Hansen 


Bachelor in Philosophy  

“It would cool to have a place where they serve alcohol but not operated by students but like an actual bar.” 



Bachelor in English 

“Just a hangout spot for students without alcohol, like a recreational area. A place with after school activities, maybe even an open mic or a bowling alley!” 


Ørjan Berg 



“I want Østsia to become a place where poor students can drink #inflation.” 





Jovel Biboso 


Bachelor in English 

“I want it to become a cozy and relaxed place with warm ambience. And instead of selling alcoholic beverages, they could sell warm drinks or mocktails.” 


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