Trilogy part 1: A Reflection of My Dark

Trilogy part 1: A Reflection of My Dark

The world is black. I feel nothing, observe nothing. I’m a castaway in this vast darkness engulfing my reality. Where am I? Who am I? The only comfort I know is of the darkness. What lies beyond this cold, isolating dark, I wonder? I know of nothing besides the darkness, so my imagination cannot grasp any other concept besides it. Was this even real? What defines reality? These philosophical questions linger within my thoughts, but evaporate in the dark, as if it devours them whole. Time felt like an illusion, an abstract absurdity. I can neither grasp it nor comprehend it. All I know, is of the darkness. My caregiver, my cage, my friend.   

The darkness… 

It whispers to me. Fills my mind with strange unearthly sounds. What does it wish?  

The darkness, it whispers its sweet melody to me.  

A stranger enters our home. A fiend, or perhaps an ally? A light, amidst all this darkness. It flickers, as if it is a playful spirit. I walk towards it. Before, the darkness had no ground. I was floating in it like the endless space it was. But now, it manifests solid ground for which my feet tread upon. The light slowly widens, engulfing me in its marvel. I finally feel something other than darkness. A warmth, indescribable. The light, it safely but surely lures me in. It whispers to me as well. But the darkness did not yet bid me adieu. It wants me by its side. It warns me of the light, of its betrayal. That it will break me. But the light, it is an insatiable temptation, one which I give into.  

I leave the darkness.  

I wake up. For the first time ever, I experience the sensation. My mind feels queasyI am stranded in a foreign place, gracing me with sights I’ve never seen before. I am in a bedroom. Wait, how did I know what a bedroom was? My mind is graced with a clarity of the world I’ve never experienced. Yet, it felt so familiar. Was it the light? Or absence of darkness?  

The light, it shines its rays from the angelic moon. I stare into its cosmic marvel, my eyes hypnotized by its perfect beauty. And within the frame of its divinity, I see a terrifying creature stare back. 



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