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When I came to Norway as a tourist in 2020 I could not believe my eyes, calmness, beauty, peace and I felt safe. I was hosted by the divorced brother of a friend. I have never met him before yet he kindly agreed to provide a room for my quest searching for the Northern Lights in Tromso. He asked me what I like for breakfast and I thought that was really nice since.

I arrived at his place around 11 pm and would not have time to buy groceries myself. He was a doctor so he left quite early in the morning. When I came out of the room, there was breakfast served on the table for me. Wow. Coming back in the evening from being a tourist I wanted to help with dinner and he kindly said that there was no need to. When dinner was ready there it was my favorite meal, salmon and other things on the table for me to enjoy together with his two children. I was completely surprised. He explained this is normal in Norway. Another difference he spoke about was his excellent relationship with his ex wife and they even travel together with the kids in spite she now is together with another doctor (his colleague at the hospital). This was too much for me and I felt that I was living like years ahead of my reality in Mexico. A divorced woman usually is mistreated by everyone because she is guilty of breaking the marriage. Also an outcast with the other group of women that are mainly housewives (64% of women are housewives).

In the same world, at the same time, alternate realities. It made me question a lot of things when I came back from my travels. I was enrolled in a gym with only girls and the owner asked us to celebrate Women’s day with a photo session and it felt more relevant than ever to do something bold. We were asked to wear purple and just be spontaneous. I have never participated in anything like that because being a feminist is not a “good” thing in my generation. You see, the problem is that being a woman back when I was deciding my career path I was not allowed to study what I wanted. Since college tuition is expensive, only the business field was allowed for me to study. Medicine or Literature were not options. Behind the back of my family I applied and passed the exam to enter medical school. I told the good news with a negative response. I was discouraged because I would not be a proper wife and mother in my future. Instead I got a proposal to take a year off studies to think of another option. I came back from abroad deciding Economics. I finished 5 years of studies, got the diploma and when I started working I didn’t enjoy my daily life. I was earning very well, but I was not feeling very well. I quit my job. That led my boyfriend to end the relationship because he thought it was a waste of my abilities to become a teacher in Economics, and the same thoughts were on my family.

Becoming a teacher was the best thing. In the education field I have flourished and it led me to Norway. On March 8th of 2020, I decided to step up and celebrate what other women were doing in Mexico. In 2020, I decided to give myself another chance and apply to study what I always dreamed to do, with my own support. My two kids agreed to the adventure and saw a whole different panorama. One that puts men and women in a more equal balanced way. Where gender, age or money is not an issue in terms of studying, relationships or anything. They saw how women can do a lot of things and men can also do a lot of things. This is the best gift in life. This is now what 8th of March means to me. A day to remember all the things other women fought for me to be here now and HONOR them. The march is still going.

An approximate preview of Mexico in numbers:

67 million women (CONAPO, 2023)

52% of the entire population is women

40.4% of the working force are women

24.7 million women are working (36% of the women work)

10 women A DAY are killed in Mexico (femicide due to Machismo)


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