Need some ideas for what to do when you’re in Kristiansand? Whether you’re here for a semester abroad or a full degree, we all need some tips and tricks for how to spend our time, whilst having the most fun. So, if you need some help with figuring out what to do the next time you’re hanging out with friends, or just looking to get out of boredom, we are here for you. Here are seven things Unikum suggest you do in Kristiansand. 


Photo: Dyreparken

Exploring Dyreparken 

This one almost goes without saying. Dyreparken is one of Norway’s most visited tourist attractions, and you could spend several hours here without getting bored. Bring your friends, and wear some comfortable shoes, because there will be a lot of walking. The park is divided into the world continents, and they also have an addition of Thorbjørn Egner’s Kardemmome by, where you can enjoy some delicious cinnamon buns, or spend some time in the town’s prison. The park is not only a zoo, but it’s also part amusement park, which means that there are Tivoli games, a waterpark and lots of fun all around. If you weren’t lucky enough to go for free during buddy week, a ticket for one day costs 389 kr. We would say it’s a must do when you’re in Kristiansand. 


Photo: Glowing golf

Trying and failing at Glowing golf 

Located in Vågsbygd, this activity is certainly a great way to spend an hour or two. Glowing Golf is minigolf in luminous surroundings. The course has 18 holes, that are surrounded by UV-lights. A perfect way to spend some time with friends. Mini golfing is quite a popular activity, and we are lucky enough to be one of only two places in Norway that offer Glowing golf. If you’ve never played neither golf nor minigolf, this might be the place to start. You also get a student discount, so remember to bring a student ID.  


Photo: Skyland

Jumping high at Skyland 

Do you have a lot of energy, but hate running with a burning passion? Then this is the place for you. Skyland is a trampoline park, that have several types of trampolines, intended both for jumping and flipping. And if you’re really angry at your friends, you could push them into the gymnastics pit, or throw a dodgeball at them. Either way Skyland is a great place to both work out and have a fun time. If you have the student calendar app you can also get two hours of jumping for only 179 kr! 


Photo: Cinemateket Kristiansand

Watching films at Cinemateket  

Cinemateket has been around for ages, and it is located in the movie theatre Aladdin, right in the city centre. Compared to a regular cinema, they have lower prices, with a ticket only costing 80 kr per movie. Sadly, they do not show as many films as a regular cinema, but they do also offer free coffee and tea! They show films 2-4 times a week, so bring popcorn and enjoy! Upcoming films in October, that might be worth catching are Joker (2019), Superman (1978) and Tango (1998). 


Photo: Alice Soleng

Swimming in Bertesbukta  

I’m a person who firmly believes that it is never too cold to take a swim, and if you’re like me, or want to get into swimming year around; this is the perfect place to do so. Since it’s early autumn, the temperature in the water is still manageable. You could spend some time jumping from the diving tower, maybe try out death diving (with caution of course) or swim out to the floating docks. Beware of the seagulls, but the jelly fish are mostly gone by now. There is also a sand volleyball court nearby, so you could spend just a few minutes or several hours here. On a wall close to the diving tower there is a blackboard, where the temperature of the water is written. Perfect, so you can brag to your friends that you went swimming in the cold water.  



Photo: Facebook

Rent something from BUA Kristiansand 

Ever wanted to try rollerblading or camping, but you don’t want to spend money on equipment you might only use once? Then BUA is the place for you. Rather unknown, but an excellent concept, BUA is an organisation that rents out equipment for free for one week at a time. They rent out things such as bicycles, skiing equipment, SUP-boards, tents and much more. In Kristiansand they have two offices, the closest to the university being in Sør-Arena. To rent out equipment you need to make a user account on BUA’s website. For international students, you need to register in person at a BUA office, because the online registration requires a Norwegian phone number. If you already have both a Norwegian address and phone number, you’re good to go and register online. BUA is a great way to try new activities! You can also donate equipment that you don’t use anymore, so others can enjoy them for free.  


Photo: Sørlandet Klatresenter

Climb sky-high at Sørlandet Klatresenter 

Another way to make yourself exhausted, whilst still having fun, is going climbing. Sørlandet Klatresenter is the south of Norway’s largest climbing gym. They have a course for every level, so if you’re a complete beginner, you can just ask one of the staff members to quickly show you around. The climbing gym also have walls with auto-belay, which means that complete beginners can climb on the higher walls. If you’re afraid to climb sky-high, you can make use of the bouldering walls. The gym is located at Odderøya, and it costs 115 kr to enter for students. If you don’t have any equipment, you can rent both climbing shoes and harness. P.S if you are only going to try bouldering, then you don’t need to rent the harness. Climbing is a fun activity to try both alone, and with your friends, so we advise you to check it out.  


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