The formula 1 season returned in full force on the 29th of february with the season opener at the Bahrain grand prix. After an arduous three days of testing the week before, causing uncertainty among some of the teams, their answers were finally revealed during the first race week of the year.

The race week began with three sessions of testing, where the Racing bull car of Daniel Riccardo took the first step on the leaderboard with the McLarens of Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri in second and third. Continuing on. The second practice session saw both the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton and his teammate George Russel on top with the two-time champion Fernando Alonso taking the third position. The final and the most important practice session of the week saw the two Spaniards on top, with the Ferrari of Carlos Sainz junior and the Aston martin of Fernando Alonso clear out the two top spots followed closely by the three-time champion Max Verstappen.

With free practice over, the first qualifying session of the year took place shortly after the ending of free practice three. The first qualifying session, q1, ended with both the Alpine cars dead last, with Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon taking the two last positions. After an unlucky qualifying Logan Sargeant ended in p18, with the Sauber cars of Zhou and Valtteri following in p17 and p16 rounding out the first qualifying session. The second qualifying session ended with the Danish driver Kevin Magnussen ending up in p15, with Daniel Riccardo following alongside him in p14. The Williams of Alex Albon and the Aston Martin of Lance Stroll ended p13 and p12, with Yuki finishing ahead in p11. In what came as quite a shock to many, the Haas car of Nico Hulkenberg roared into p10 by a stellar drive by the Dutch driver. Following ahead was Lewis Hamilton and Oscar Piastri ending up p9 and p8 respectively. The p7 and p6 positions were taken by Lando Norris and Fernando Alonso, with the Red Bull of Sergio Perez following shortly behind and ending up p5. Rounding out the top four positions were Carlos Sainz taking the p4 spot, with George Russel alongside him in p3. With a stellar drive once again by the Ferrari of Charles Leclerc taking p2 with the fastest qualifying lap being taken by Max Verstappen.

Race recap

Then came the first race of the season, and we didn’t have to wait long for action to ensue as a turn 1 accident for Lance Stroll caused by Nico saw him end up last on the first lap of the race. But hope wasn’t out for Lance yet, and during the remainder of the race we saw him climb up positions on the leaderboard to end up in points scoring positions alongside his team mate Fernando Alonso.

Thanks to an excellent start by the Red Bull of Max he roared away taking the lead early on and never letting go and finishing the race in p1 alongside teammate Sergio Perez in p2. After an excellent race for Carlos, he ended up in p3 taking the last podium place of the weekend, with his teammate behind who had spent most of the race with brake issues following behind in p4. The Mercedes of Russel and Hamilton had not had the pace they had hoped during the race and by the end they finished in a respectable P5 and P7 position with the McLarens splitting them both and ending up p6 and a p8 finish with Lando and Oscar taking home a solid batch of points. The Aston Martins finished in the last points position of the race thanks to an excellent recovery drive from Lance Stroll.

This week for Norwegian formula drivers

Norwegian junior formula driver Martinius Stenshorne finished his first formula 3 weekend by narrowingly missing out on points in his first race finishing p11, and p14 in the second. For Dennis Hauger in Formula 2 he finished in the points in the first race of the season with p8 and finished Saturday’s main race also in p8.

For now, that would be all for the Bahrain Grand Prix. Next on the calendar is the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.


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