Christmas is soon right around the corner, and a lot of students fear that they won’t have enough time or money for Christmas presents. But fret not, dear reader, Christmas gifts do not need to be overly expensive! Here are some of the ideas that we collected for cheap and affordable gifts for you and your broke student friends! 


Write a personal coupon! It could be anything from doing an act of service for a loved one, or a small experience together! 

Acts of service gift ideas: 

  • Babysitting. 
  • Do weekly groceries. 
  • Help cleaning the kitchen/living room/car. 
  • Build Ikea furniture. 
  • Shovel snow. 

Activities to do together: 

  • Have a baking day. 
  • Go on a hike with a bonfire. 
  • A trip to a cabin. 
  • Go ice skating in the city. 
  • Movie night at home, with popcorn included ;) 


If you are into arts, crafts or perhaps baking, why not make something creative for this Christmas! 

Something homemade: 

  • Christmas cards.
  • A drawing or painting. 
  • A knitted or crocheted scarf. 
  • A box with baked goods! Christmas cookies like gingerbread is always appreciated! 
  • Homemade scrub recipe for hands & lip in a jar. 
  • Taco seasoning, already mixed in a jar. 
  • Chocolate chip cake/mug cake. 

And then we have the practical/useful gifts: 

  • Candles. 
  • Tea/coffee. 
  • Soap. 
  • Socks. 
  • Umbrella. 
  • Notebooks/stationaries/art supplies. 
  • Extra batteries. You never know when you need them! 


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