Whether the theatre, cinema or concert hall, a night on the town is a night to remember! Winter may be approaching, but, then again, so are you. Go forth and enjoy.  




What: Fiesta De La Noche (Party of the Night) 

Where: Teateret 

When: Saturday 11. November, 21:30 – Sunday 12 November, 01:30 

Price: Free 


What: house@teateret (House at the Theatre) 

Where: Teateret 

When: Saturday 18. November, 21:00 – Sunday 19 November, 01:00 

Price: Free 


What: Riksteatret: Drømmen Om En Hvit Jul (The Dream Of A White Christmas) 

Where: Kilden 

When: Tuesday 21. November, 19:00 

Price: 185 – 455  


What: Juleminner – Herborg Kråkevik Og Kåre Conradi (Christmas Memories – Herborg Kråkevik and Kåre Conradi) 

Where: Kilden 

When: Saturday 2. December, 18:00 

Price: 525 




What: Atmospheric And Catchy Soul (The Source Culture) 

Where: Kilden 

When: Friday 10. November, 19:00 

Price: 100 – 200  


What: “Breath of Life” Concert with Kve (The Source Vocal Ensemble) 

Where: Grim Church 

When: Friday 10. November, 19:30 

Price: 150 – 300  



Where: BARE studenthus 

When: Saturday 11. November, 21:00 

Price: Free 


What: Classical Lunch Concert 

Where: Campus Kristiansand – Hall 1, Sigurd Køhns hus, UiA 

When: Wednesday 15. November, 13:15 – 14:00   

Price: Free 


What: LULI 

Where: BARE studenthus 

When: Wednesday 15. November, 20:00 

Price: 100 – 175  



Where: BARE studenthus 

When: Friday 17. November, 20:00 

Price: 150 – 200  


What: GUTTA speller NORSK ROCK (The Boys Are Playing Norwegian Rock) 

Where: BARE studenthus 

When: Saturday 18. November, 20:00 

Price: Free 


What: Mezzo-Soprano Meets Mahler (Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra) 

Where: Kilden 

When: Thursday 23. November, 19:30 

Price: 150 – 425 (150 for U30s) 


What: Michelle Ullestad 

Where: BARE studenthus 

When: Friday 24. November, 20:00 

Price: 250 – 350  

Photo: Kilden




What: Werkmeister Harmonies 

Where: Cinemateket 

When: Thursday 9. November, 20:00 

Price: 80 

Hungarian and Slovak speech, English subtitles. 


What: X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X (The Metropolitan Opera) 

Where: Kino 

When: Saturday 18. November 

Price: TBC 


What: From Russia with Love – 50th Anniversary 

Where: Kino 

When: Tuesday 28. November 

Price: TBC  


What: The Magic Flute (The Metropolitan Opera) 

Where: Kino 

When: Saturday 2. December  

Price: TBC 




What: Course in APA7
Where: Campus Kristiansand, room TBC 

When: Monday 13. November, 13:15 – 14:00 + Monday 27. November, 10:15 – 11:00
Price: Free 


What: Filosofipub: Våre liv på skjerm – hva gjør det med oss? (Philosophy pub: Our lives on the screen – what does it do to us?) 

Where: Håndverkeren
When: Monday 13. November, 17:30
Price: Free 


What: Eksamensboost – digital (Exam boost – digital) 

Where: Digital 

When: Monday 13. November, 18:30 – 19:15 

Price: Free 

NB: The link will be sent after signing up. 


What: Eksamensboost (Exam boost) 

Where: SiA studentsenter 

When: Wednesday 15. November, 16:45 

Price: Free 


What: Course in IEEE 

Where: Campus Grimstad, A2021 

When: Thursday 16. November, 12:00 – 13:00 

Price: Free 


What: Samskaping for fremtidens samfunn: Kunst, mennesker og relasjoner (Co-creation for the society of the future: Art, people and relationships) 

Where: BARE studenthus
When: Monday 20. November, 09:00 – 11:30 

Price: Free 


What: Kurs I Zotero: Hold orden i referansene (Course in Zotero: Keep track of your references) 

Where: Campus Kristiansand, D3006 

When: Wednesday 29. November, 09:30 – 11:30 

Price: Free 





What: Utstillingsåpning Kunst ER! Kunstnergruppen Lambretta (Opening of the exhibition Art IS! The artist group Lambretta)
Where: Kristiansand kunsthall
When: Saturday 11. November, 14:00 (lasts till 14 January 2024)
Price: Free 


What: White Balls On Walls (documentary about the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam who works to change their White and Western focus) 

Where: Cinemateket
When: Thursday 30. November, 17:30 – 22:00 

Price: 80 

Photo: Kristiansand kommune





What: Thursday Quiz at BARE 

Where: BARE studenthus 

When: Every Thursday 

Price: 30 


What: Velkommen til åpen lesegruppe! (Welcome to the open reading group!) 

Where: Kristiansand Folkebibliotek (Library) 

When: Monday 6, 13, 20, 27 November and 4 December, 17:30 – 19:00  

Price: Free 


What: Nybegynnerkurs med Egdehirden (Beginner course with Egdehirden, historical weapons)
Where: Gimlehallen
When: Friday 10. November, 18:00 – 20:00 

Price: Free 


What: Jul på Fiskebrygga (Christmas at Fiskebrygga) 

Where: Fiskebrygga
When: Saturday 11. November, 13:00 

Price: Free 


What: Eksamens Stretch (Exam Stretch) 

Where: Spicheren treningssenter 

When: Thursday 16, 23 and 30. November, 11:30 – 12:00
Price: Free 


What: Move and Eat
Where: Spicheren treningssenter + SiA studentsenter
When: Friday 17. and 24. November + Friday 1., Monday 4. and Monday 11. December, 12:45 – 15:00
Price: Free 


What: Posebytorgets julemarked (Christmas market at Posebytorget) 

Where: Ekserserplassen, Tordenskjoldsgate 64
When: Saturday 25. November, 12:00 – 16:00
Price: Free 


What: Klubb Skamløs (Club Shameless) 

Where: Teateret 

When: Saturday 25. November, 21:30 – Sunday 26 November, 01:30 

Price: Free 


What: Jul på Gimle Gård (Christmas at Gimle Gård) 

Where: Gimle Gård
When: Sunday 26. November, 12:00
Price: 55 – 110 


What: BE HEARD! Storytelling Night 

Where: ARKIVET freds- og menneskerettighetssenter, Vesterveien 4 

(ARKIVET Peace and Human Rights Center, Vesterveien 4) 

When: Tuesday 28. November, 19:00 (Doors open 18:30) 

Price: Free 


What: Nøtteknekkeren (The Nutcracker)
Where: Teateret
When: Friday 1. December, 19:00 

Price: 550 


What: Nattbad på Aquarama (Night swimming at Aquarama)
Where: Aquarama
When: Friday 1. December, 21:00 

Price: 225 


What: Førjulsmarked på Søgne gamle prestegård (Christmas market at Søgne gamle prestegård)
Where: Søgne gamle prestegård
When: Friday 1. – Sunday 3. December 

Price: Free 


What: Julemarked på Kristiansand museum (Christmas market at Kristiansand museum)
Where: Kristiansand museum
When: Sunday 3. December, 12:00 

Price: 110 






As a student of the Faculty of Fine Arts, I’ve had the great privilege of attending a couple of concerts by the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, at Kilden, alongside other students here for their full degree, or on an international exchange, like me. Watching and listening to musicians at the height of their creative prowess, are experiences I’ll savour for a very long time. In fact, I enjoyed myself so much that I’ve booked myself in to witness them in action for the rest of the semester. Yes, they come that highly recommended. ‘Isn’t that rather expensive?’ you may be wondering. If so, then you needn’t worry. If you’re under 30 years of age, Kilden offers discounted tickets, and if you’re also lucky enough to be studying within the Faculty of Fine Arts here at UiA, you can attend selected concerts for free.  


Christmas is approaching! That means plenty of Christmas markets, and Christmas plays to attend to. Probably many more than what we’ve been able to fit in this calendar. Christmas in Kristiansand really is something special, and I especially recommend visiting Gimle Gård, and to go ice skating when the ice rink is back up, in front of the cathedral in the city centre. 

Before Christmas, we unfortunately have to get through exams. I would really recommend attending some of SiA’s and UiA’s events, to help prepare for a stressful exam period. That said, I also recommend attending the exams of music and art students! Most have not been announced yet, but keep an eye out for your hard working fellow students, and help support them while you get to experience amazing music and art for free! 


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