Dreams are a wonderful realm… 

…Where the impossible becomes possible 

Where one man’s lie… 

…Becomes another’s reality… 

…And another’s desires 

We live… 

We die… 

We dream on… 

Date: ??? 


The marbled counter glistens in the moonlight, the only light in the darkness that has enveloped the mansion. Utter silence, my bare feet hardly making a single sound as I slowly walk through the dark corridors I know so well. All I can hear is the thumping of my beating heart, pumping blood through my veins, fueling my growing erection. Just the mere thought of him stirring around in the dark looking for me gets me hard. I know he’s here; he always is, the smell of his perfume still lingering in the air. I try to follow the scent, but just the excitement of being chased is enough to get me going.  

“Looking for someone?” 

I thought I had been silent, but I hadn’t even noticed his presence before he grabs my ass, his hands touching each cheek. I don’t respond, I just let him slide them up, underneath my t-shirt, following the curves of my back, going around to my chest, and ending their journey on my throat and neck. I feel his hot breath tickle the skin on the side of my neck. With one coy finger placed on my chin, he nudges my face towards his and kisses me with his soft lips. It’s a long, wet kiss filled with lust and passion. His hands fall down along my sides down to my hips, where he gently pulls me closer to his body. He’s hard too, I can feel his boner through his boxers rubbing against mine. He moves his mouth from mine, kissing my neck next, while he softly grinds his dick against my ass. In the most effortless manner, he removes my shirt, continuing his kissing down on my revealed shoulders. He turns me around, pulling me so close I can feel the beat of his heart beneath his chiseled chest. With one hand wrapped around my waist, the other gently thugs on my hair, and measuring by the strength he uses, I know fully well that I was his for the taking right now.  

I detach myself from his lips, returning the favor of kissing his neck, hearing his soft moans of pleasure as I do so. I work my way further down, taking a stop on his nipples to give them a preview of what’s coming further down. He moans and tugs my hair in approval, but not for long, as he forces me down on my knees. I don’t mind, I always look forward to the challenge he gives me… 


Date: 14.3 

I’m so dumb, aren’t I? Of all the guys at this fucking high school, why Dante? God, he was even in my dream last night. I never experienced lucid dreaming before though. I…I kinda liked it. 


Date: ??? 


The smell of freshly brewed coffee stirs in the kitchen, luring its way into my nostrils. For a dream, the details were oddly authentic, like the crashing of the waves outside the window, to the birdsong of a passing mockingbird. But probably my favorite sight was of that of Hermin’s well-shaped ass in his signature red boxers. Only a thin, unbuttoned shirt coverhis slim chest, blowing in the wind like a curtain (in a window trying to conceal a breathtaking view). His long, golden locks escape whatever knot he had tried tying it in, and his hand constantly brushes it aside as to not obstruct his line of sight. I gently walk behind him, wrapping my arms around his waist.  

“Good morning, or, well, good night is probably the right term or?” he chuckles.  

I kiss him on the cheek and his grin blossoms into a smile.  

“Smells good,” I say, helping him brush aside a lock of golden glory to reveal his glowing green eyes.  

“So, what fantasy you wanna do today?” he says, turning around, leaving whatever pan he was cooking with unattended.  

I grab his ass and lift him up on the kitchen counter, my hands slipping underneath the tight fabric to feel the warm inside of his thighs.  

“Just being you with you right now is enough for today,” I respond, continuing to kiss him, sometimes a short one, other times savoring every bite of him.  

And that’s how our morning or night or whatever one would define this weird, crazy dream as, went by 


Date: 1.5 

Holy shit, yesterday diary, yesterday was completely insane. I never thought…I would do something like that. And it feels so real, so insanely real. But the few times I see Dante at school I can feel my cheeks burn red hot. Luckily, he usually avoids me when we make eye contact, so at least it’s not too awkward. 


Date: ??? 


“Dante, legit, tell me whether you’re there or not.” 

I try to wiggle my arms again, but whatever restrain that confines them to the side of the bed are still tightly tied. The blindfold doesn’t exactly help. I had woken up like this, and my first reaction was panic. Is this perhaps a nightmare? I can feel the warm underlay of sheets and mattresses for which my naked body graces. I feel exposed and vulnerable.  

But suddenly, I feel his fingertips touch my skin, starting from my thigh and slowly working their way up to my chin where they place themselves.  

“Dante, what the fuck is thi-! MMPFH!” 

I feel his palm covering my mouth, my pleas falling on deaf ears. I can feel him place his entire weight upon my chest, and I can’t help but feel my dick rise as a result. I try to yell some more, but his hand ensures no words leave my lips. I feel his hot breath linger next to my ear before he speaks:  

Shhh… You’re really sexy when you squirm around like that.” 

Despite not being able to see his face, I can practically hear his smile as his lips leave my ear, breathing softly on my neck, his hand still covering my mouth. For just a single moment he removes it, but before I can yell my objections some cloth is shoved in instead, doing a better job than his palm ever did. Whatever he is planning on doing requires both his hands and just the mere prospect of how he would ravish my body sends a jolt of arousal through my body, hardening my dick and nipples.  

Almost like he’d predicted my body’s reaction, his tongue starts playfully licking my hardened nipples. With his free hands, he grabs my dick and start slowly masturbating me. The fact that I cannot see any of it, I’m just awaiting his touch, enhances the experience to a plane of pleasure I am discovering as of now. The gag keeps me from sounding my pleasure, but the words that are restrained by my mouth are spoken by my body.  

And he knows it. 

His mouth leaves my nipple, and just like I had done some dreams ago, he returns the favor as I feel his wet mouth envelop my dick. Slowly and steadily he works his way up and down, his tongue rubbing against my shaft with each thrust to amplify the pleasure. He suddenly stops everything. I figure it’s to let me catch my breath. But minutes go by and nothing happens, I cannot feel his weight on the bed anymore. Then, I feel the gag being removed. 

“It’s your turn,” he whispers in my ear. 

And once more, before I can voice anything, he shoves his hard dick in my mouth, and I almost gag by the shock and the velocity he thrusts it in. But I quickly adapt to the rhythm for which he forces my head back and forth. Sometimes he pushes my limit, and I almost retch, but I will be his obedient, little slave.  

“There, now you’ve got it nice and wet for what’s coming next…,” he whispers.  

I feel him shift in the bed, and he grips my thighs, lifts my feet up, and I know that what I had just experienced was nothing in comparison to what’s coming next. 


Date: 15.5 

Jesus Christ diary, we’ve been assigned to the same gym class now! It’s so awkward in the shower. But he looks just like in the dream, from every muscle to every vein. It’s such a strange place. 


Date: ??? 


I wrap my arms as tightly as they can go around him. Maybe…maybe I am afraid that if I let go, I will lose him forever? As much as I enjoy our sexual endeavors, something about just laying in the bed, cuddled up to him is even more precious, even more human than any sex we ever had. The more I visit this realm and spend time with him, the more I realize how precious this time is. In this weird and wonderful realm, where I can finally just be myself. I don’t have to be scared of my dad finding out. 

“What are you thinking about?” 

So lost in my own thoughts, I don’t notice he has wriggled himself out of the spoon I thought I’d locked him in and faced me. The locks are still in constant battle to obscure his face, but when in bed he usually liked it that way.  

“Nothing really special, it’s just…been a shitty week, that’s all.” 

“How so?” 

In his eyes there’s a resonating kindness, one that could spark anyone to want to open up. A look of understanding beyond any I had experienced before.  

“Just found out I flunked a subject at school, so I won’t be able to get into the college I wanted.” 

He looks at me, then kisses me gently.  

“It’ll be fine, won’t it?” 

I kiss him back, wrapping my hands once again tightly around him. I never want this dream to end.  


Date: 2.6 

I can’t believe it. 

In the locker room today, I accidently forgot that dream Dante and real Dante aren’t the same, and I told real Dante I was sorry he didn’t get into the college he wanted. He practically slammed me into the wall and asked me who’d told me. 

Is dream Dante and real Dante the same person…? 


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