Another cozy game or something more? 

Warning, I am not a pro gamer. 


The cozy game era is around the corner. Who does not like to relax after a long day in a different reality where you can create your own world? The place where you can garden and decorate your house. If you are one of those people, I have good news for you. Palia is the perfect game for relaxation. In the world of Palia, you get a plot of land on which you can create your own house, a garden and various crafting machines, such as a seed-making equipment. However, Palia is more than a cozy game with the gameplay where you grow something, sell it and decorate your house. The game has a main storyline which is about solving a big mystery. I will tell you a little bit about it, but just do not tell anyone. Why do people reappear out of nowhere on this land that has been unmanned for a long time and is filled only with magical creatures?  


The game is filled only with magical in-game characters, but you, as well as other people on the server, are humans, since the game is an open multiplayer world (MMO). Thus, Palia is a cozy game with repetitive relaxing action sequences, but is also kind of an adventure and solving riddles type of game. Moreover, it means that you can play together with your friends on the same server. Isn’t that cool? I know the answer – it is! 



In-game characters are the inhabitants of the world and are quite diverse, meaning that each one has its own backstory and individual personality. By building and improving relationships you get access to individual quests that help you get to know the inhabitants better. Some of them are trying to improve the relationship with their teenage daughter; some are rebellious and want to follow their own path not chosen by their parents. I can say that the game is not just a cozy game that is sharpened on the performance of monotonous tasks, as it helps the brain to rest. Indeed, the mysteries of the past of this world is not the only mysteries that awaits you in the game. When you are in the mood for relaxation you can fish, collect materials, decorate your house, garden and much more. When you are in an adventurous mood, the game also allows you to explore ruins with various riddles. 


The game was released recently and is in beta development, thus the developers spend a lot of time on player feedback, adding stuff to the gameplay and creating events. In other words, the game is alive. At the moment, the whole town in the game is filled with Halloween decorations, which also creates an autumn atmosphere in the game.  


Most importantly, this game is a safe space with a nice community that is non-toxic and has an LGBTQ+ friendly atmosphere. The romantic relationships in the game, yes this is also a part of the it, can develop regardless of the gender of the in-game character. Moreover, nowadays, there are not many MMO games that create a safe non-toxic environment for players, thus a nice community is a really great advantage of this game. 


Despite all the pros, Palia like most games has its cons, but they are mostly related to the bugs of the game as the game is still in beta development, so this is pretty much expected.  



Palia will definitely be boring for fans of a twisted plot and constant action adventures. However, if your goal is to relax in a cozy town with a nice community and in a safe cyber atmosphere with elements of adventure and mystery, this game is definitely for you. At first glance Palia may seem as another cozy game, but if you look closely, it’s full of mystery and secrets that are waiting you to be uncovered. What is more suitable for autumn-evenings than a cozy plus kind of an adventure game with elements of mystery and riddles? 


And lastly, one more little secret from me, but do not tell anyone, promise? I heard something about a secret market that is only open at night. Shh, the town mayor doesn’t know about this… 


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