Hit Man is a must-see if you want to start your summer right! This movie will captivate you from
the beginning until the end with its quirky, dark humor. A philosophy-psychology professor is
challenged in his work ethic when meeting a client. Will the rules and duties win? Or will the
professor finally take some risk in his structured life?

Director Richard Linklater is the creator of this dark, whimsical movie and also the creator of the
1995 movie Before Sunrise, in which an encounter between an American traveler meets a French
girl, and his life is touched for life after that. Linklater does it again in this humorous movie,
which features Glen Powell and Adria Arjona, who create a sizzling performance that makes you
believe in magical encounters again. The University professor's life is predictable and without
risks, and he would never dare to follow his temptations or dare to even try a possibility. There is
no way for him to take a little advice from his former philosophers to take chances in life and
cross a line at work or outside. It was quite a funny experience watching him evolve as he
stubbornly cannot be feisty or enthusiastic and cannot make slight changes in his structures, as
his ex-girlfriend confesses to him.

It was just hilarious watching him push himself to do something completely out of his field.
They say if you want to become someone, you must act like that person. All his theories and
knowledge were, in a witty way, put to practical use by personifying a hitman. The plain and
boring merging into a bold and go-taker was so cute. Seeing the nerdy professor transform with
his outfits and hair into this hot self-confident machine defying society's norms, the status quo,
and the by-the-book life feels liberating.

Will he make the change? The answer to this question is a thrilling journey that you must
experience for yourself. I really enjoyed watching this film, I could relate in a fun way, for that,
you must give yourself the pleasure of watching Hit Man on the big screen! 8/10


Header image from Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/tudum/articles/hit-man-release-date-photos-news


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