In winter’s grasp, a maiden fair, 

Trapped in snowflakes’ icy stare. 

Her dreams of spring, a distant call 

Another cycle of pain, she can’t let go. 


Each step toward warmth, a fleeting chance, 

Winter’s dance, a cruel advance. 

She battles winds that howl and moan, 

Longing for a song to call her own. 


Snowflakes fall, a frosty cage, 

Surrounding her in frozen chains . 

Winter’s touch, a bitter embrace, 

Leaving traces of its icy grace. 


She glimpses spring, a shimmering light, 

But the bitter cold pulls her back to night. 

A cruel game, love’s twisted play, 

Forever keeping her in his chains 

Another cycle of pain, she can’t let go 


In her heart, a resilient flame, 

Yearning for the chains to break. 

The storm may rage, but hope holds strong, 

As she dreams of spring’s sweet, soothing song. 


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