On  the 1st of November Jace Everett gave a show at Ostsia. During his concert he played few songs from his two most recent albums “Mr. Good Time” and “Red Revelations”.

Jace Everett played at Østsia on the 1st of November. (Photo: Mette Elisabeth Fauske)

Among which was excellent “Damned if I do” and “ Great American Hero”. The artist also played “Little black dress” which he himself describes as a song about : ”A boy and a girl and all the unnecessary clothing that stands between them“.

This excellent musician who comes from Indiana, US, have been playing the guitar since he was little : “I started in church. Started with the bass. First with gospel music. And then switched to guitar and now I kind of go back and forth. But that was where I started to play gospel tunes.”

It was the fourth time he played in Norway and as he mentions on his Facebook page and twitter account he started to love Norway and its people. When asked about how he likes Norway he answered:

“I like it a lot but it’s just I got very sick in the last three days. But other than that I’ve always loved Norway. I just wish I wasn’t sick. But it’s great. We went to Svalbard for four or five days this past week, that is where I got sick. But I’m having a great time. It is very cool.”

Even though, Jace was sick he gave an awesome show. He was struggling a bit because of his sore throat but one could see that he’s doing his best for his fans. During the show he joked about him being sick and encouraged the crowd to sing along just to help him out a bit.

Moreover, Everett is mostly known for his hit song from ”True Blood” starting credit “Bad things”.Yes, he does watch ”True Blood” but doesn’t really appreciate being known only for this one song. He mentions that on his twitter : “Also known as That TrueBlood Guy, which is annoying, but basically fair…meh! “

When asked about his attitude toward being popular for “Bad things” he answered: ”Well it’s fair. I understand I’m not mad about it. But of course you want to be known for more than one thing”

His music is a mix of  dark country,blues,jazz and light rock  which  makes people move their hips and stamp their feet to the rhythm of the music. The songs are enjoyable and with good lyrics. I asked Jace what he was listening to while growing up and in what way did it influence his music he said :

 “I listened to everything,honestly I did. And I still do. The people that I listened to were mostly country guys from Texas. When I was a teenager I started to listen to more gospel music. As an older teenager I liked classic rock stuff from 70 s and early 80 s. But I listen to everything,I steal from everywhere ”

When asked to recommend some songs to people who have never listened to his music before, that would best represent his style he answered:

”That’s tough. Because I do jump around. I think I would probably introduce them to an album. I would have them listen to “Red revelations” or “Mr.Good Times”. Those are my most recent ones. But songs that are literally consistent with me would be “ Great American Hero” “Possession”. “Bad Thing” obviously, the one I am most famous for, but I don’t write a lot of stuff like that any more.”

At the concert Jace played his new song from album that is to come out next spring. The concert was great and I’m convinced that every person that went there knowing only “Bad things” will search and listen to his other recordings. Because it’s worth it. Good music and good show and for those who don’t know his music yet I advise you to listen to some songs that Jace himself recommended for you.

PS: Read more about Jace Everett’s apperance at Østsia in the december edition from december 5th!

Text: Aleksandra Melcer – red@unikumnett.no

Photo: Mette Elisabeth Fauske – mette.e.fauske@unikumnett.no


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