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About education and other demons – a word from our editor in chief:

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

Mark Twain

Can one have too much education? Should Norwegian youths stay away from universities and colleges? Is the run for a degree just a waste of time and resources?

Topics such as: inflation of high-education degrees on the market, “useless” abstract thinkers fresh out of school benches looking for jobs, the “curse” of having to take a “fagbrev” and be dismissed from the Valhalla of academia – are present all around us. The problem lies in the understanding that efficiency involves the hyper-specialization of the student in one, maybe two fields. Just like a worker in Henry Ford´s assembly lines who would do one small job over and over again and nothing else (I recommend the movie Modern Times with Charlie Chaplin if you want a good example of dehumanization through capitalist mechanics).

Of course the result is that one becomes a specialist in that one particular job, but what about challenging those passive, latent sides of your Being (reduced to unrecognisable sizes because of this efficiency-based life philosophy)?

The Renaissance´s ideal of homo universalis , a person skilled under the totality of knowledge is a romantic utopia -but we can learn from it: embrace versatility! And this is what education enhances; it enhances your thinking space, your socializing space and develops your mind and consciousness along with your life skills. Look beyond the fences of your field, climb the wall of knowledge and see what perspectives it opens, where does it take you.

This is the focus in this Unikum edition: education, self-development, and metaphysical variation. We take the discussion further and talk about what the consequences of a “bad” education are. Sigve encourages us to try and understand how to world works and not just what the world is. How we should stop pushing science aside while doubting obvious phenomena such as the climate crisis and the evolutionist theory. Anthoni is writing about depression and how this darkness slowly inhabits more and more levels of your inner life until you loose your centre. Our journey takes us further on the realm of music as Chris introduces us to 3 bands from our university while Ole Håvard is presenting his version of a very sad love story. All this and much more you can read in this edition of Unikum!

We hope you will enjoy and we at Unikum wish you a splendid autumn, inspiration for all your school related projects and lots of love!

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Tekst: Erika Erdos / Anette Nyhagen –

Foto: Facsimile of Unikum October 2014


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