Ahmed Al Saidy 



Forget it all, 

Remain reason.
Walk with me so,
To entertain.

You know nothing,
You were just born.
Therefore question,
That which you know.

What is this world?
What are these walls?
What is this floor?
But these are wrong.

What is this thing,
Which we deem “world”?
What are these things,
Which we deem “walls”?

We interact,
With many things.
Are we then so,
Another thing?

A strange feeling
Why am I here?
Wait — Who am I? 

— Did I forget? 






Poetry Group ‘Lips’  



Celebrate life, 

Slice it with a knife. 

Colourful abundance, 


Gift? Your presence. 

The child of our past, 

A taste that will last. 

Enjoy it together, 

Let’s be friends forever. 





Leni Vindfjell 



Grant me a beautiful death 

In dark and murky water 

Let me draw my dying breath 

As Millais’ painted daughter 


Grant me a scenic demise 

A river bathed in twilight  

Let me close my tired eyes 

And give my days a rewrite 


Grant me a picturesque end 

And fill my hands with flowers 

Let me smile and play pretend 

In pensive final hours 


Grant me perpetual rest 

While dressed in fine attire 

Grant me but one more request 

Fulfil my heart’s desire 

Let me cast my rotten pride 

Show the one I am inside 

Paint me true as what I hide 

And not a filthy liar 



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