Skjermbilde-2016-03-03-kl.-12.04.41Unikum finner du i magasinformat rundt om på Campus Kristiansand og Campus Grimstad i tillegg til utvalgte steder. God lesing fra oss i redaksjonen! 

Les Unikum her! 


Spring is (at least theoretically) in the air. The world is a better place now that Leonardo finally won an Oscar, because the universe has  flexed its muscles and taken a moment to breathe before indulging in a new “worthy” crusade.

There is hope out there, people! And I am sure that some of us really need this reaffirmation of hope at this point in the semester, when exams are starting to get a strong contour and are showing their teeth from around the corner.

Les Unikum her! 

Exams…what a silly and sinfully unfair way of examining our capacities. Dark Middle Ages style! Right? What about the ways we are all so different and unique and special (just like everyone else out there)?  Wouldn’t it be logical to have an evaluation system that asks the monkey to climb the tree and the fish to swim in the ocean, and not have both do the same task? (insert frustrated sarcastic voice)

These days I am fighting with my Nemesis, the HI-110 history exam, a monster of information that chews my brain and mocks my ability to memorize. To make it even more confusing, it seems there was some sort of crisis of inspiration when it comes to baby names in 17th century France, where most male progenies were called Henry… this plus 1000 years of intense slaughter makes me rise my fists to the sky and cry a long, hopeless “Whyyyyy?”….

Les Unikum her! 

Truth being told and drama aside, I can say that after a rather long and spicy existence I have learned that life is how it is, and the best you can do is shout «Bring it on! » -and run into the battle hoping for the best. But don’t be Christian the IV, the Danish king that had a rather poor understanding of military strategy and paid for his greedy ambitions; be Gustavus Adolphus- the Swedish «Lion of the North» and calculate your odds realistically !

A good understanding of your challenges might help you choose the best strategy- In my case, I will start to implore whatever Gods I find available to have mercy upon my mortal soul and help my fragile brain hold on, function and do not turn into a tabula rasa, at least until my Kraken of an exam passes!

May the Force be with you all!

Les Unikum her! 

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