Less mistletoe and wine, more bloodshed and moonshine: There’s Something In The Barn takes nisser (a Norwegian folklore elf) and teaches us what happens when you don’t respect your neighbours – no matter how mythological they may be.

It’s Christmas! And we’re introduced to a typical American family as they pursue the peaceful Nordic lifestyle after inheriting a picturesque farm in the middle of the snowy Norwegian landscape. Aside from the odd family squabble and cultural clash with the locals, life should be relatively peaceful in one of the happiest countries in the world, right? Well, the family are soon to find out there are horrors far worse than moody teenagers and awkward interactions with the locals awaiting them.

Playing with American and Norwegian dynamics, the film’s humour works well, and it’s obvious that there was a good amount of personal experience injected into the script. As a foreigner in Norway myself, I found the jokes well executed and fun to relate to, though I will note that my experience certainly has not matched that of the unfortunate Americans we follow through the film. So, if you want a good laugh, this film can provide just that. For those looking for a heart-stopping horror on the other hand, maybe leave this one off the watch list.

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The first half of the film could be mistaken for a cosy Christmas flick, and for this reason you might find yourself wondering about when the murderous elves are going to make their grand entrance. Despite its run time of 1 hour 40 minutes, the plot plods along at a less than breakneck pace, only kicking off with some speed once the horde of evil elves descend upon the unwitting family quite a way into the run time.

The holiday spirit is very clearly present throughout, and the occasional Christmas tune really helps to deliver a fun festive time. I view Theres Something In The Barn as a welcome addition to the slowly increasing pile of wacky Christmas horrors on my shelf. It’s a bit of mindless fun and has a lot of heart for a film featuring an army of murderous Norwegian elves, I’d say there’s certainly something for everyone.

So grab your Christmas jumper (and an axe) because this holiday season we’re making the yuletide gory!



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