My name is Haron WIerenga and I’m from the Netherlands. This past winter semester, I studied the International Outdoor Education Course at the University of Agder. At my home university, I study to become gymnastic teacher, so I wanted to look for another way of teaching gymnastics and the outdoors. Norway was the best country to go to! 

The semester kick-off went well, and we had a lot of fun. I was positively surprised with the university, the facilities, and buildings. It looks a lot like the Dutch universities and campus, but a lot smaller. A really good thing is the gym next to the campus, it gives you the opportunity to be physically active besides your study. The food at the ground floor is way better then in my uni. In the Netherlands we are used to bring our own lunch, so I loved the big amount of choices you have. Also, the IT side of the university is well done. It’s again almost the same at my uni, so it works properly and easily. The last thing I have so say is that living on campus is really nice. SIA is really nice to work with, they are helpful, and the houses are beautifulThe only sad thing is that we had to shut down the parties at 23:00. 

With the course, we did a lot of skiing, hiking, and kayaking. The program was good and nice, but the most beautiful thing is the vibe in the group. I met a lot of nice people, internationals, but also a lot of Norwegians. Sadly for us, we only did half the program because of corona. On the other hand, better for us, the nature was free to go and so we did! We did a lot of camping, fishing, and hiking in the times all of Europe was closed down.  Maybe nice to know, but there is also a Norwegian course of one year.  

So, my experience of the University of Agder was really good and i would recommend everyone to study here (at least for one semester)! 

Yours sincerly, 

Haron Wierenga 

Foto: Haron Wierenga
Foto: Haron Wierenga


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