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The year is coming to an end, and maybe some of you are filled with dread for another year ending without having fulfilled your New Year’s Resolution, or others are relieved that with the new year (and semester), you can finally leave the exam stress behind you and enjoy a little break. For me, all of this is coming to an end, but also, my reign as editor-in-chief. It’s been a wonderful and fantastic journey filled with wonder, glee, frustration, stress, defeats, and victories. It’s almost melancholic that it’s coming to an end, it feels like yesterday when I felt the excitement of holding the January edition in my hands, my very first issue. Alas, all good things must come to an end.  


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Now, this is the season of gratitude, for everything we have and have had. With my final leader, I would like to extend my complete appreciation to my fantastic editorial team, to those who have joined me on this adventure during the spring semester and those who joined during the fall semester. Without you all, this job would not be as fun and rewarding as it has been, it would not be worth it. Together, we have made many great editions, with terrific articles, had so many fun meetings, and of course, all the social events which you guys have made into entertaining affairs. Thank you all, for coming along, encouraging me, challenging me, and most of all, made such a brilliant newspaper with me.  

But it doesn’t end there. I want to thank you, dear readers of Unikum, for your continued support. You may not think too much of this, but you guys don’t see the sheer elation when I tell the editorial team that we had to refill our magazine stand in Vrimle, the utter delight when I tell one of our writers that their article is one of the most clicked articles this week/month. When you pick up a magazine, when you read it, comment on it, talk with your friends about it, it brings us so much joy. And now, more than ever, we have more of you guys reading our magazine. Thank you all, for being here with us, supporting us, reading us, and most of all, enjoying our newspaper. 

And finally, thank you Unikum, for being a place for me. For being a place, I could develop myself as a writer, a place where I could meet some of the greatest and most pleasant people I ever talked to and for being a place where I feel at home.  

Thank you <3


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