Is there a more ultimate food than pizza? Everyone likes it, you can put almost anything on it, and it’s a comfort to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, even as a night snack. So why not learn to make it yourself? Not only is it cheaper than Grandiosa, you can also make your dream pizza without some stupid cardboard box limiting your creative genius!  

Estimated time to make: 2 hours. 

Difficulty level: Medium  

How much food: One square pizza 


  • 3 dl water 
  • 1 yeast (personally prefer fresh, but you can also use powder) 
  • 2 tablespoons oil 
  • 1 pinch of salt 
  • 2 tablespoons sugar 
  • 8 dl flour 
  • Pizza sauce (I prefer BBQ sauce instead, sounds weird but trust me, gives it an extra edge) 
  • Whatever topping your heart desires 
  • Cheese 

How to Make: 

  1. Mix the yeast and water. Make sure that you use lukewarm water, not too hot, not too cold, or you’ll kill the yeast, and it won’t rise! 
  2. After, mix in the oil, salt and sugar.  
  3. Lastly, the flour, I recommend using a wooden ladle as the dough won’t stick too much to it. Once the flour has mixed well enough for the dough to have some solid shape, now you go in with your hands! It’s going to be a sticky battle, but you keep kneading that dough, get every bit of flour in there and it will yield, and you will have a terrific piece of pizza dough on your hand! 
  4. Let it rise for an hour or until double its size in the bowl. I like to put a tablecloth over the bowl. 
  5. Once you get it out of the bowl, knead it softly, the dough is not supposed to be very sticky, so if it easy, knead in some flour.  
  6. Now you can start beating it into the shape you want. I like to use a rolling pin personally, it’s easier, but using your hands is a perfectly valid option. This recipe is enough for a black pan, you can also buy round pizza forms which I use.  
  7. When you’ve formed the pizza shape you want, you start with the sauce, then decorate it with toppings and end it off with a cheesy delight! 
  8. Cook it at 200 OC in the oven for approximately 15 minutes, or until the cheese is golden or the crust is turning a lovely shade of brown.  
  9. Ta-dah, you did it!  


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