Knust bilrute i mørke farger

They say that what does not kill you, makes you stronger. That all wounds will heal over time. They say that you have to move on; your life cannot be brought to an end. Those people are idiots. They do not know the true meaning of the word pain. They do not know the true meaning of feeling like you have lost everyone that means something to you. They do not know how it feels to have all your friends, all those you trust and who you can depend on, be whisked away in a matter of minutes. They do not know the scars and wounds you will carry with you for the rest of your life, after seeing those you care about die in front of you, after you have seen the fear, the anguish, the realization that death is soon coming to relieve them of the curse they would call life for the last few minutes after having their world crushed to pieces. They do not know the true meaning of the things that do not kill you; when you are thrown down the side of a mountain, with nothing but metal, and a thin piece of fabric wrapped around you, keeping you from being thrown out of your seat. They do not know the meaning of strength; the strength you have to muster everyday to make this false façade of being just another guy, trying to just push yourself through day by day. They do not know that your wounds, will NEVER heal; you will never forget, your wounds will never heal, and the injuries you suffered the moment that impact occurred, will haunt you for life. They do not know that you will never be able to truly move on with your life; you will forever be haunted by those you have lost, you will forever be plagued with the guilt of being the one to survive, you will for all eternity have to live with the fear left behind in your soul.  

They will never know. They will never understand. They will never comprehend. THEY will never be forgiven for having allowed this to happen. THEY will ultimately bear the responsibility for the losses suffered by so many, and for the pain we go through every day. We are the survivors, the ones who got away. WE are the ones who suffered the consequences when two vehicles met together, WE are the ones who risked our lives everyday just to get out of town, WE are the ones who were ignored. WE… Will never forget.  


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