The university campus had transformed into a chillingly quiet place as the sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows across the desert pathways. Martin, Caroline, and Daniel, three close friends and first-year students, had spent the day buried in lectures and exam preparations. Now they yearned for the comfort of their warm beds.


The crisp evening air carried a sense of foreboding. It was an uncanny feeling they couldn’t quite put their finger on, an unease that settled upon them like a heavy shroud. The trio had traveled this route countless times, but this November night was different.


Caroline, an astute observer, was the first to sense it. Her pace quickened, she whispered to the others,


“Do you guys feel like we´re being followed?”


Martin could hear Caroline’s voice tremble slightly, a testament to her growing anxiety.


“Come on, Caro, it’s just your imagination playing tricks at you. Besides you got me and the goofball over there”


Martin nodded his head in the direction of Daniel, he was scanning the dim streets and the sparse trees that lined the sidewalks. Something about the night felt unsettling, but he couldn´t pinpoint what. As usual, when Daniel gets nervous, he starts joking.


“Maybe Caroline is right?” he pauses, leaning in closer to Caroline, “Maybe we are being followed by the boogie man.”


Daniel laughed, still Caroline could hear the uncertainty in his voice. As they continued their journey, the feeling of being watched persisted, every echo of their footsteps seemed amplified, and every rustle of leaves in the gentle breeze appeared suspicious.


Caroline occasionally glanced over her shoulder, only to be met with the darkness of the desert streets, the anxiety in her voice grew more pronounced.


“I can’t shake this feeling, guys, I swear it is like I can see someone lurking behind us.”


Martin sighed, his patience wearing thin. He is the rational in the group, always thinking logically in every situation.


“You´re letting your imagination run wild. We´re nearly home. Nothing is going to happen. I swear”


Daniel, however, remained uneasy, convinced that something wasn´t right. He tried to ease the tension.


“Okay, let’s say we are being followed. What´s the worst that could happen? We´re three against one! We can take him.”


Their conversation ebbed, but the eerie sensation of being pursued continued to plague them. The occasional rustle in the bushes or the distant footsteps getting closer kept sending shivers down their spines.


As they reached the entrance to a small park, the feeling became more oppressive. Caroline hesitated, her gaze darting around. Her eyes stopped on a dark figure behind a big Pinetree a couple of meters away.

“I swear I saw someone behind that tree” she whispers urgently, pointing with a shaking finger at the tree she for a second ago saw a shadow.


Daniel and Martin turned to secure the area, their hearts rising. The park, usually one of their favorite places, now seemed like a labyrinth of hidden threats. There was no one in sight.


“I think you´re letting fear get the best of you,” Martin said in a calm voice, to reassure her.


He gave Caroline a little pat on the shoulder. They continued their walk. Still unsure if their imagination was merely running wild in the dark, or if it was something lurking in the darkness, watching, waiting. Their footsteps echoed loudly as they passed under a flickering streetlight.


Then they heard it, a sound that made their hearts skip a beat- a low, eerie whistle that seemed to emanate from the darkened park. The whistle was haunting melodic, yet sinister, like a siren´s call.

Daniel stopped in his tracks, his eyes narrowing.


“Did you hear that`” he asked, his voice was a mixture of fear and curiosity. Caroline clutched her bag tightly, “it came from the park.”


Martin´s logical mind struggled to rationalize the situation.


“It could be a homeless person or just some kids messing around.” He suggested although the tremor in his voice betrayed his unease. They deliberated for a moment, caught between the urge to investigate and the fear of the unknown. After a tense silence, Daniel took the lead, stepping cautiously towards the park´s entrance.

“We should check it out,” he said, his voice determined but still full of trepidation.


Caroline and Martin looked at each other and carefully followed, their senses heightened. The park was now a hunting realm, its once inviting paths obscured in the darkness. They moved stealthily; the leaves underfoot whispered their presence as they ventured deeper.  The eerie whistle echoed again, more distinct this time, guiding them further into the shadows. The sense of being pursued was now undeniable, but by whom or what remained a mystery.


A soft, mocking laughter emanated from the blackness ahead. The tension in the air grew almost unbearable. Caroline grabbed onto Daniel´s arm, as they continued, into the dark.

At the heart of the park, they discovered a small, dimly lit clearing with an old, gnarled tree that the hunting whistle seemed to originate. The clearing was empty, besides the swaying branches and the chilly night breeze.  As they stood there, disoriented and frightened, the hunting whistle continued, but there was no one in sight. The three friends were all alone in the threatening darkness, listening to the hair-raising tune, with no source to confront.

Daniel, still with Caroline clenching his arm, breaks the lingering silence.

“What is making that sound?” his voice is barely above a whisper.


The whistle continued. It was starting to get louder and higher in pitch.

“We should leave,” Martin said, still holding on to the belief in a logical explanation, starting to feel uneasy, maybe something wasn´t right after all.


The trio didn’t hasten as they approached the entrenched of the park. The whistle echoed in the back. A little bit louder, a little bit closer with every step they took. The sense of being followed still lingered like a shadow. Their fast footsteps echoed in the silence, and the dimly lit streets held onto the uncanny stillness.

As they walked, they began to hear faint whispers. Distant voices that seemed to dance just out of reach. Caroline grabbed a little tighter around Daniel’s arm, her voice trembling as she spoke,


“Do you guys hear that? The voices, the whispers….”


The boys exchanged worried glances. They, too, were now hearing the shilling sounds that seemed to encircle them, taunting them from the shadows.

The trio quickened their pace, their anxiety mounting as they made their way home to their apartment. The feeling of being watched clung to them like an unshakable nightmare.


Finally, they arrived at the apartment, their shared unease lingering in the corridors. Martin´s hand was shaking as he was fiddling with the keys to unlock the door. Inside, the atmosphere was thick with paranoia. The mysterious voices they had heard still seemed to echo in the corners of their minds… but they were at least home. They could finally breathe.


Seeking some sense of normality, they decided to order a pizza. Hoping that a warm meal and a goofy movie could ease their troubled minds. While waiting for the pizza to arrive, they sat down on the couch, attempting to ease up the tension with some laughter. They shared silly jokes and theories about their earlier encounters. Trying to convince themselves that it was only their imagination and the darkness combined that played with their minds. The feeling of being pursued started to feel like a shared delusion, and their spirits slowly lifted. As the minutes ticked by, and with the help of the warmth of their home, they relaxed.

The doorbell rang, announcing the arrival of their meal.


“Finally!” Daniel said on his way to answer the door, expecting to meet a friendly pizza delivery on the other side. But when he opened the door, he was met by an unexpected sight. The pizza delivery guy, dressed in the standard yellow PB pizza uniform had a sinister smile on his face. As he handed Daniel the pizza box, he began to whistle an eerie tune- a melody so familiar, the same whistle they had heard in the park. The room fell silent once again, their eyes fixed on the pizza guy. As he continued to whistle, his face grew more unsettling by the second. The feeling of being pursued had returned and was no longer a figment of their imagination. The trio stood frozen as the pizza delivery walked into their apartment. The sinister, hunting tune filled the corridor, as he closed the door.


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