A new year is upon us. 2020 is over, and with it we leave behind a year of hardships, challenges, and perhaps the most influential pandemic to grace our current century. This new year brings us all hope for the better; now we may finally start over again, and with the vaccines being brought out to the public, we may see the end of the lockdown. 2020 was a difficult year for us all, but those of us who may have faced the most challenging times, are those of us who have no family in the country to fall back on. Those of us who may have had to celebrate the Christmas in solitude, being separated from our families by several hundreds of kilometers. Let us all face the new year ahead of us, with the hopes of better times to come. It can be challenging for us to stay motivated and focused on our studies, but if we keep our attention on the positives, we can turn this tide around.  

So, what should we all as students do to keep up? We shall see our way through this. How we do this, can vary greatly between students. Whether we find comfort in games, movies and books, or we find comfort in the quietness of mother nature, there are always things present that will brighten our day. But most importantly; we must try to maintain our social life. Shutting ourselves away from the world will not do anyone any good; even if it means just signing in during the livestreamed lectures and have discussions and debates with lecturers and fellow students, this is an important social aspect for all of us. And we must also remember; there are more to explore in literature than just the books and articles related to our studies. Why not take the opportunity to indulge yourself in some fantasy novels? Explore new worlds, get to know new characters; the possibilities are virtually endless, there are just so much one can readAnd if reading is not really your cup of tea, there are plenty of other worlds to explore, either in games, or in movies and series.  

We will all find our way this year, and we will reach our goals. Even in the darkest of times, there will still be light, and the light will always win, even when things seem to have gone beyond all chances of recovery. Let us all work together and make this year a proper start to the new 20s, and let us all do our part.  


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