Norwegian cinema at its finest.

The Bothersome Man, directed by the Norwegian magician Jens Lien, presents the Kafka-flavored story of Andreas. He arrives in a city with no memory of his previous life. From there, strange things start to happen. It made me think of some sort of purgatory where he had to pay for his mediocre sins. A place where everything is pre-organized, where feelings have disappeared. The leftovers of love are just some grotesque sexual mechanics, and the main preoccupations seem to be meaningless human interactions and the obsession for furniture and appliances. No communication, no warmth. Just comfort. Sounds familiar?

Andreas seems to have forgotten to drink from Lethe, the river from Hades that reduces you to an insensitive spiritual lump. This is his main problem: he can feel! He does not want to play the game of this alienated society, he wants to be acknowledged as an individual, he wants to love and be loved…

Does he manage to adapt? How does the society react to Andreas? Jens Lien points at us worried and hopes for colorful reactions. Red-blue-white-green-violet-purple and yellow, all these and more, splashed on the domesticated tempo of daily life where we all are a bit less than we can and could be.

See the movie, think about it, act.

Terningkast: 6


Tekst: Erika Erdös –


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