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– A word from our editor in chief –

Freedom is for ideas, not for bullies…

“When people, states and movements fall to using violence, it is a symptom that someone has failed the principles of being human. Being human means preserving life. The use of words and not violence must be demanded from every person, state and religion.
In our Europe, in our international society, the right to live in peace is as fundamental for a religious worshipper and an immigrant as it is for a native, secular citizen.

The atheist may not approve of religious ceremony and teachings, and the worshipper may not like certain writings. Still, both have the right to be safe. And the duty to leave others alone.”

Alexander Kemp writes about the debate around freedom of expression, a freedom that violence has recently attacked in Paris and how freedom is for ideas and not for bullies.

Amit, the first Israeli international student at our university is showing us his side of the story about the Palestine-Israel conflict. Sigve is arguing for a bigger influx of youth into the national decision-making arena. Maybe not everything has to be flavoured according to a political program, but rather young minds could come together and discuss in order to find a good solution. Ole Håvard explains how the seduction game takes place and what are its mechanisms. We also find out why the culture prize given by SIA has been cancelled and what opportunities the students have to get funding for various projects that would improve the cultural environment at the university. Michael Prince talks about music and books and how a “happy disposition” might just be something one is born with.

All this and much more you can read in this edition.

We, at Unikum, wish you all a Happy New Year, a productive semester and encourage you to take some genuine breathing moments now and then, relax and find your inner-peace, re-evaluate and re-organize, dream and learn to recognize the experiences that can live under small things and can bring authentic joy.

Smile, take one step at a time and remember to read us now and then.

– Erika Ramona Erdös

Download the latest edition of Unikum!

Text: Erika Ramona Erdös & Helen

Illustration: Marlena


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