Sol og trær i tåke

With every walking step, patches of luscious, green grass manifest in front of me. With every step, a new detail is added to my environment. Three steps to the right brings a flower patch into this world of light. Six steps to the left and a riverbank springs forth from the ground. With every step, the light brings me new gifts of wonder. But with each passing moment, I wonder, where am I? In which dimension am I entrapped, where beauty springs out wherever I go? Who or what is the light, gently taking care of me? Who am I? The light talks to me, through a gentle breeze.  

To forget.  

Promises of unearthly divinities.  

The light, it whispers its sweet melody to me. 

I do not know the time I had spent in this realm, as time was an absurd absurdity I could not grasp. But I suddenly stumble upon a newly created rock and tumble upon my back. My gaze goes upwards, towards the sky. But I was not met with the sky, but rather, a darkness. A darkness amidst this never-ending light. It swirls and whispers to me. Lures me to reach out. And so, I do. I hear whispers, tiny screeches in my head, as the darkness recoils before I could make contact with its thick substance. Suddenly, the light’s breeze twirls protectively around me, trying to usher me away from the darkness. But something within me wishefor the darkness, its whispers resonating with me. And hidden within the darkness is a place. A place I desperately want to go to. The light warns me one last time. Of the darkness’ torment, of its false promises. That it will crush me. But it is an insatiable temptation, one which I give into.  

I leave the light. 

I wake up, a sensation that feels unfamiliar to me. I am stranded in a foreign land, gracing me with sights I’ve never seen beforeA patch of grass in an empty field. Wait, where was I? My mind feels numb, and all clarity has left me. Yet, the lack of clarity brings with it a strange familiarity. Is it the darkness? Or the absence of light?  

The light, it shines its rays from the crimson moon. I stare into its cosmic marvel, my eyes hypnotized by its perfect beauty. And within the frame of its divinity, I see a terrifying creature stare back. 



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