What’s more perfect in this cold weather and fall season than to check out some relatively new cafés in town? These places offer a variety of atmospheres and treats, so let’s dive in!


Ai Duo Musique Café

Foto: Anjali Mariampillai

I went to this hidden little gem on a rainy Saturday afternoon, and would you believe me if I said that I spent three hours talking to the owner of this café? Owner Jenny Chang has run this cozy café for about a month now, and it’s going wonderfully. The café itself is a small space, but it creates a very nice atmosphere. Not only is this a café at opening hours, but after closing, Jenny teaches piano lessons right there in the café, where she has a beautiful grand piano and another piano by the wall. A good thing about this café is that the owner makes all the drinks and bakes everything in the shop, which many of the other cafes in Kristiansand do not do. I had a cup of lemon tea and a Hong Kong egg tart which was absolutely delicious. The prices are regular café prices, and students can sit there and read or study. The only thing that could be better if I must be honest, is the lack of outlets for plugging in computers if you’re studying there. Other than that, this is a very beautiful and cozy place to be any time of the week. And if you’re lucky, the owner might just play a piece for you – being the amazing pianist that she is. The café is located on Agder allé – so pop in for a visit, you won’t be sorry.


Dreieskiva kafe og fritidshus

Foto: Anjali Mariampillai

Dreieskiva café is located at Dronningens gate which is pretty central, and is a café run by the church. This café is an open space with lots of reading space for students. It has a very warm atmosphere, and it’s definitely the place to be on a cold autumn day. The lovely thing about this place, is that it’s voluntarily driven. The goal with this café, is that it’s supposed to be a place where anyone can hang out, and where they can create a community. The prices are cheap, so it’s perfect for students. The café is different from other cafés, in the sense that they don’t serve super fancy coffee drinks, which brings a certain kind of charm. But if you’re looking for a cheap and good cup of coffee, and a good place to read – then this is the place. The only thing I would suggest for this place, is if they could have music playing in the background in the café. I experienced the vibe very much like a library, very quiet, which failed a little to give the full café atmosphere feeling. But other than that, there are no complaints about this place. The girls who greeted me at the register when I bought my cup of tea, were really kind and welcoming. And this whole space brings a lovely warmth to the cold days to come. It is very nice to have a café that has the community of the city as the purpose for running it.


Nord Café – Bagels & Brew

Foto: Anjali Mariampillai

The concept of bagels is still fresh here in Norway, so having an own place for it here in Kristiansand is so great! I might be biased because I absolutely love bagels, but this place was truly a lovely spot. The café is lit up with a bunch of fairy lights, and it created a welcoming atmosphere. Nord Café serves bagels and salads, a variety of warm drinks, and even alcohol. It is also connected directly to the souvenir shop right next to it. The girl in the register was so lovely and kind, it felt very good being there. I had the New York bagel and a cup of hot chocolate, and I enjoyed it so much. The plus point with this place, is that there is a student discount of 15%, which is great! This place is great if you want to treat yourself to a good lunch, or just to go and study for a while. I had a lovely time there!



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