Spirit rises above the pages unknown,

Unexpected changes in life intervene,

two suns in a face thru the words thrown,

made my heart drum once in the scene.


Soon I forgot how my heart was torn,

I immersed into an imaginary world,

all is possible and all can be born,

clashing into dreams in a stuttered form.


A forbidden apple in paradise to waste,

one that I should never dare to taste,

yet in my dreams stepped unconsciously,

unexpectedly, recurringly and unreasonably.


Reminder of a real present delight,

can return a passion for subtleness,

alpha, omega and the rise of the light,

skepticism shedding faith with softness.


Love is now locked in a strong vault,

safely and secure from hopeless hopes.

Dream of a team is now on hold,

price of the heart is high on these slopes.


A collision of a soul in prohibition,

nothing but the mind in between,

the now is air and recognition,

universe crossing to the unseen.


Little do I know about the apple.

Little do I know about everything.

Yet I grasp the moment in ripple,

multiply it, shut it, and wane my singing.



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