kalenderbilde til korte historier gjennom desember

The Holidays for me are…

The Holiday spirit, cute Christmas sweaters, wonderful Christmas movies and a never-ending dream come true!


I love my boyfriend, I truly do!

But I wished he was more enthusiastic about Christmas. It’s kinda like…when you have something in your life that you just really love, something that gives you a feeling of pure magic and joy that you just want to share with others? I hope I can infect him with the same Holiday spirit that reinvigorate me every November and December! Yes, I know, I start a bit early, but it’s never too early to start feeling jolly and spread the love, right?

Decorating my apartment, I felt like Leonardo da Vinci! Mixing every color to create an exquisite palette of Holiday extravagance, carefully and precisely placing each ornament, figurine and decoration so they complement and enhance one another. And just like da Vinci, I wanted to make my mark on the world, that my apartment would be used as an inspiration for every Winter Wonderland to come!

I find the Christmas sweaters they sell in the shop so basic! Too plain, not enough colors nor lights or anything to bring that sense of childlike wonder and excitement. I decided that my art would not stoop to such lows, and I went on YouTube to learn how to knit. But that wasn’t enough, the sweater needed more! That extra dash of magic that I was just missing. So, I even learned how to wire basic lighting. And just like the lighting of the Christmas tree, my creation was complete in all its marvel, and I could feel that tingle in my stomach of absolute delight! Some of my friends wondered if I could make some for them as well, but currently, the only lucky guy in town to have this masterpiece is my boyfriend. And he loves it so much he wears it all the time! Oh, and of course I made a tiny one for Miss Frizzles, and even atop the highest plateau I could hear her purr in satisfaction.

However, my boyfriend doesn’t love everything about Christmas. I can feel him grow weary of the movies, wince at some purchases, and withdraw from conversation whenever it skews too much into the Holidays. But I won’t give up! I was at this vintage shop the other day, and I saw the most perfect Santa Clause figurine. The cashier then told me the legend of the figurine, that it was made at the North Pole, at an abandoned workshop scientists believes was the birthplace of Santa Claus himself. And that the figurine could work like a charm, exuding an aura of Holiday spirit that infected whoever was in its vicinity. Now, of course, I didn’t need this, but it was the perfect thing to perhaps “persuade” my boyfriend with! I set it up in the bedroom, hoping that just like in the movies, I would wake up to a Christmas-loving maniac of a boyfriend! It has yet to work, but I haven’t given up hope yet, that’s what Christmas is all about!


My boyfriend is the bestest person in the entire world! I really do love him, otherwise I would have found myself someone equally ecstatic about Christmas as I am. Instead, I fight for our love and his untimely devotion to Christmas! He really is one of a kind, but so am I!


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